PostgreSQL Interview Questions and Answers

Unlock the potential of PostgreSQL with 'PostgreSQL Interview Questions and Answers.' This blog is your ultimate resource for preparing for PostgreSQL-related interviews, featuring a comprehensive collection of questions and detailed answers. Whether you're a database administrator, a software developer, or a PostgreSQL enthusiast, our guide covers PostgreSQL fundamentals, SQL queries, performance optimization, and best practices. Prepare with confidence and explore the world of efficient data management and scalability with PostgreSQL.

1. What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) known for its extensibility and standards compliance. It supports both SQL and non-SQL (NoSQL) queries.

2. Explain the difference between PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE constraint in PostgreSQL.

The PRIMARY KEY constraint uniquely identifies each record in a table and cannot contain NULL values. The UNIQUE constraint ensures that all values in a column are distinct, but it can contain NULL values.

Published On: 2024-01-17