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About Us

Cheerio People,

App4pc is here to cast a magical spell in your lives. Have you ever thought of getting everything from your smartphone to your PC or vice versa. App4pc does the exact thing for you. It makes your life simpler. Access anything, anytime, anywhere. Its a virtual smartphone, soon coming into your lives to make it even more magical, excited?

The genesis of app4pc is in the realization that most people do not have access to their phone/PC sometimes but this should not come in between you and your need. app4pc diminishes the device gap. Our motto is "Access anything, anywhere".

The journey of app4pc is long and arduous. We provide everything at your finger touch. Let your friends know about the promise we are giving you. Support us by spreading the word. There are several exciting prizes to be won by letting your friend know about us. In return of your support, we promise to provide the awesomest experience ever. :) Terms And Conditions applied..

Product Features

New but Conventional: We provide a very new platform in very old manner. Our technology and concept is new weather usiability is old. We provide a newest platform in very conventional manner. Our concept gives you the most refined and well thought version of the traditional approach. You don't worry about "How will I use it?", believe me, you know it.

Online access to app4pc: We provide online access to app4pc. So it doesn't matter where you are, what device you have, your online SmartPhone / PC is waiting for your touch.

Awesome inbuilt apps: We provide breathtaking inbuilt apps that you have always dreamt of. We assure you, you are gonna find it here before anybody else, so stay connected

Privacy and Security is our middle name: We believe your personal data belongs only to you. We use advanced technologies to safeguard for your information and interests.

Easy to Use: Intuitive, organised and comprehensive. No clutter, no stutter.


Green Park - 110049, India
Phone: +91 8585 965748
Email: info@app4pc.com

Our Team

Akhilesh has been the source of innovations and ideas all the way in the growth of application. Be it structured products, algorithmic trading or machine learning, he has done it all with equal amount of zeal and sincerity. Akhilesh earned his B.Tech degree in Information Technology from GGSIPU and worked at several reputed company, building multiple teams and driving business growth. He is also proficient in multiple technology e.g. Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript(ECMAScript 5&6), jQuery, nodeJS, Express, React.js, AngularJS(1&2), GruntJS, Gulp, Polymer, ionic, WebPack, TypeScript, LoopBack, Less, Bootstrap, Android, Maven, SQL, Web Security etc.

Ashwini has had a diverse experience of 5 years in the software industry, having worked at organization like Compro Technology, he is the best in whatever thing he does. The best thing about him is his dedication to dive deep into the problem and bring out the best possible solution to it. Being the senior-most gem in the team, his ideas always helped making this application one amongst the best. Ashwini earned in B.Tech degree in EIT from CUSAT. He is proficient with technology like Java, Javascript, NodeJS, AngularJS, etc.

Rohit is moon of our geeky team. His fresh ideas, out of box approach to problems and his light-hearted attitude towards life and technologies made everything fun to do. Rohit joined Customer-360 after graduating from NIT Kurukshetra in 2014. Later on he Joined ACL Technology. He is proficient with technology like Javascript, nodeJS, AngularJS etc


We are proud of having built a work environment which encourages everyone to innovate and think independently. We have a number of initiatives in the pipeline and are looking for people with not just technical expertise or leadership potential but also a zeal to come up with fresh ideas and approaches.

So whether you are crazy about building apps or interested in the emerging world of FinTech, we want to hear from you. If you are enterprising, full of great ideas and have a strong desire to make a difference to this world – just drop us a line!

We are currently hiring for the following positions in our Engineering Team


  • Good knowedge of javascript
  • Ability to work with javascript frameworks
  • Prior experience with nodeJS and it's libraries


  • Hero in the field of Java/Javascript
  • Knowledge about efficient programming techniques
  • its better if knows basic Django/Python based web development
  • HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap and Responsive layout skills are preferred


  • Proficiency in AngularJS, Bootstrap, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5
  • Graphics designing and Photoshop skills preferred
  • Producing effective and appealing user-friendly designs
  • Knowledge of NodeJS will be welcome
  • Prior experience with UX designing preferred


  • Proficiency in Android/iOS/windows app development
  • Graphics designing and Photoshop skills preferred
  • Producing effective and appealing user-friendly designs
  • Prior experience with UX designing preferred


  • Excellent HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge
  • Ability to create responsive templates using media queries
  • Understanding of Bootstrap, color palettes and typography
  • Prior experience with UX designing preferred
  • Proficiency in Photoshop and graphics designing
If interested, please mail your CV to hr@app4pc.com

In case your skills do not match the requirements for the above mentioned opportunities, do not be disheartened. We are always looking out for bright and entrepreneurial talent.

Please email your resume to us and we shall sincerely evaluate your candidature for relevant future positions.

hr@app4pc.com hr@app4pc.com hr@app4pc.com hr@app4pc.com hr@app4pc.com

Our Portfolio

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